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Rotary –base steriliser for pasta
Heat source: Electrical resistances
Hourly output: 200 Kg/h        

Rotary –base steriliser for pasta
Heat source: Electrical resistances 

It is composed as follows:
- Structure with thermally-insulated panels, assembled by means of internal clamps;
High-temperature polyurethane insulation; satin stainless steel external surfaces; polished stainless steel internal surfaces
Stainless steel base with internal rotary platform; equipped with cart tracks; gearmotor control
- track stop and alignment micro-switch
- adjustable piping system
-electrical blower for one-way hot air circulation
- electrical lamps used for heating and to keep the set temperature steady
- sterilisation temperature power and control probe
- cycle end micro-switch
Electrical cabinet with instruments to program and display the sterilisation phases

Technical Data
Output: 200 kg/h      
Product holder surface dimensions: 800 x 600 mm   
Motor power: 2.9 Kw    
Resistance power (min/max) 60-90 Kw  
Burner thermal power: k/cal      85000
Width: 900 mm      
Length: 2450 mm      
Height: 2200 mm