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The machine packs, pre-packs and dries small and large size pasta and pasta with filling.
Drying cycle capacity: 400 Kg

The drier is essential for the packaging, pre-packaging and drying of small and large-size pasta and for pasta with fillingsand to dry pasteurised pasta before the packing phase.

It is composed as follows:
- panels (thickness mm 50) composed of steel sheets with anallergic epoxy coating on the outer surface, filled with polyurethane foam. They guarantee improved insulation, sound-proofing and a stronger frame.
- function control panel with a hygrometer and a thermostat for the automatic adjustment of the humidity and temperature values
- automatic humidity discharge
- ventilation system with balanced fans that generate little noise (a few decibels), are heat-proof, can move a significant air quantity and are controlled by a clock for the intermittent movement and the change in the direction of rotation. The air is heated by means of electrical resistances (hot water heat exchangers can also be provided; to be separately quoted)
- 1 cart with teflon swivelling wheels; it is equipped with 25 pinewood or beech-wood frames with a food-grade polyester grid where small-size pasta can be dried.

Technical Data
Height: 2370 mm
Width: 3350 mm    
Depth: 1600 mm    
Weight: 850 kg     
Power: 12 KW    
Drying cycle capacity: 400 Kg


This machine is present in the following layout: