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Cappelletti machines


The machine is suitable for the production of single-sheet pasta with filling. Dough-sheet width: 640 mm. Hourly output: 260/400 Kg.

Forming machine for ravioli made of dough-sheet filled with meat or lean meat, in different sizes.

It is composed as follows:

- independent lamination unit composed of adjustable stainless steel rollers; external drive system with heavy-duty, tempered gears                                                                                                         - filling feeding unit with washable metering screw; the filling unit is equipped with an external independent motor;Automatic pump installed inside the filling tube for constant feeding of the filling to the dosing pistons; micrometric adjustment of the filling quantity inside the product                            - unit pre-set for the positioning and operation of the forming mould. Recommended for industrial use; the machine is suitable for any type of dough-sheet and filling

The parts in contact with pasta are made of stainless steel and other food-grade non-toxic materials. It features a function control panel with motor speed micrometric adjusters. The machine is supplied with inverter controlled speed-change drive units.

Technical Data
Height: 1530 mm                                                                                                                   Width: 1640 mm                                                                                                                 Depth: 1500 mm                                                                                                                  Weight: 1650 kg                                                                                                                     Installed power: 10 Kw                                                                                                            Hourly output: 260/400 kg                                                                                                       Sheet width: 640 mm