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Cappelletti machines


The first forming machine for products with fillings; features interchangeable dies, with no need for portion-making bars!
Sheet width: 250mm/540 mm

The machine is suitable for soft or creamy fillings.

- Ravioli are formed on a plane, by means of just one roller
- Recipe management system for size changeover in just a few minutes
- CNC-controlled advanced electronics It is used to control rapidly the ravioli forming parameters. The CNC, combined with the brushless motors, guarantees accuracy and steady operation over time
- Filling is fed by a lobe pump                                                                                                       - Single-sheet die Raviolo, cappelletto or tortellone are included in the price

Technical Data
- Any dies can be installed
- Hourly output: min.  45 kg – max 150 kg
- Sheet width:  250/540 mm           
- The machine can be fully washed


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