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Equipment for the hydrothermal treatment of pasta with filling. Hourly output: 150 Kg

Equipment for the hydrothermal treatment of pasta with filling; it increases the shelf-life of the packed fresh product. During the pasteurisation process, the products go through a steam chamber for a period of time depending on the size, to remove the bacterial charge. Stainless steel frame and conveyors. The machine does not need scheduled maintenance procedures. The high quality of the materials, the state-of-the-art design techniques, the well-tested safety devices in compliance with the EC norms, render the machine practical and safe.

It is composed as follows:
- saturated steam treatment chamber, easy to open and inspect for cleaning                                     - gas burner with safety devices and adjustment valves                                                                    - stainless steel conveyor installed on supports, self-lube bearings                                                     - product drying area with blowers that generate forced air and resist high temperature                         - adjustable speed unit controlling the pasteurisation speed and the time that the product stays inside the equipment                                                                                                                            - hood and suction unit to remove the steam                                                                                  - stainless steel structure, easy to inspect and open for cleaning                                                       - electrical control cabinet with safety devices, in compliance with the international standards in force.

Three-phase V220-380 Hz 50 power supply. Special voltage ratings available upon request