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Extruder for the production of small and large-size fresh pasta and dough-sheet. Hourly output: 5 Kg

Continuous cycle machine for the production of fresh pasta of different sizes, e.g. maccheroni, fusilli, tagliatelle, spaghetti, etc., with or without eggs and suitable for being dried. The machine can also produce dough-sheet of any thickness for lasagne, cannelloni and to feed the forming machines.

It is composed as follows:
- stainless steel kneading tank
- blower for pasta pre-drying
- stainless steel washable structure
- safety devices in compliance with the international standards in force

Technical Data
Height: 43 mm   
Width: 43 mm   
Depth: 23 mm   
Weight: 30 kg    
Power: 0.5 Kw   
Max. tank capacity 2 kg 
Hourly output: 5 kg  
Max. sheet width: 160 mm