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Fresh pasta: Automated line for frozen pelmeni

ID1200-2000 SHUTTLE

Continuous kneading machine for continuous mix production. Hourly output: 600/1600 Kg

Continuous kneading machine for continuous mix production.                                                

Composed as follows:                                                                                                                                                        - 2-meter long kneading tank, equipped with a stainless steel shaft with stainless steel blades, installed on oscillating bearings;                                                                                                     - stainless steel tank covers with safety devices;                                                                               - stainless steel frame;                                                                                                                 - stainless steel control panel, with displays and waterproof push-button station;                                  - inverter-controlled independent and stand-alone drive unit;                                                            - discharge pipe for washing water drainage;                                                                                   - safety devices;                                                                                                                           - support base with handrail and access and inspection ladder;                                                                                                                                        - automatic flour level control composed as follows:                                                                       ·            Stainless steel meal hopper, equipped with 2 storage probes;                                               ·            Adjustable-speed dosing unit drive for the meal in the kneading tank, featuring a stainless steel worm screw- liquid dosing unit composed as follows;                                                                     ·            Food-grade pipes;                                                                                                           ·            Peristaltic pump with variable-speed drive to control the appropriate dosage of the liquid in the mix;- anodised aluminium structure;                                                                                     

Technical data:                                                                                                                                                            Hourly output: 1000 kg                                                                                                           Motor power: 6 Kw                                                                                                                 Width: 2540 mm                                                                                                                  Length: 2800 mm                                                                                                                 Height: 3700 mm                                                                                                                      

NO. 1 CENTRIFUGE SYSTEM MODEL  TURBO MIX; it can be installed on the continuous kneading machine                                                                                                                                     

It is composed as follows:                                                                                                                                                 - Mixer with vacuum system: The ingredients get mixed in the mix turbo system;                                - Stainless steel flour dosing unit (rotary valve) with speed-change unit;                                            - Liquid dosing unit for water and eggs, equipped with a peristaltic pump;                                          - Colour dosing unit;                                                                                                                    - Rejects dosing unit;                                                                                                                    - Electronic control unit with PLC for recipe control;                                                                            - Stainless steel frame;                                                                                                                - Removable and washable shafts and blades;                                                                                - Independent drive with speed-change unit.                                                                                The machine complies with the international standards in force.                                                          

- FEEDING SYSTEM WITH BOATS, transporting the mix coming from the continuous kneading machine to the three automatic sheet makers; it is composed as follows:                                                        - independent stainless steel track anchored to the floor;                                                                 - a stainless steel boat installed on wheels (to convey and discharge the mix in the three kneading machines), featuring a tilting system;                                                                                            - a stainless steel central control panel with PLC, to control the boat functions.  

ID1200-2000 SHUTTLE

This machine is present in the following layout: