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Fresh pasta: Automated line for smooth pasta


Equipment for the hydrothermal treatment of pasta with filling. Hourly output: 600 Kg

Steam heat exchanger-operated equipment for the steam treatment of small-size pasta. Upper and lower perforated tubes:
- stainless steel structure
- frame with adjustable and self-aligning feet
- removable external covers, for routine cleaning and maintenance
- mesh product conveyor with side chain and adjustable speed rollers; driven by a speed-change unit.

- lower area with perforated tubes for saturated steam
- containment and condensate collection tray
- upper area with perforated tubes for saturated steam evaporation; contained in an insulated hood that can be lifted by means of approx. 600 mm electro-mechanical jacks,  for easier access to the pasteuriser during the cleaning and maintenance activities. Fixed suction hoods are located at the beginning and end of the area to remove the extra steam. Electrical suction units and adjustable gates are also present.
- temperature probes
- Steam supply unit with pressure regulator, temperature thermostat-controlled supply valve, condensate discharge for recirculation to the heat source.

- ventilated tunnel with steam coils, variable-speed electrical blowers to supply filtered air, a scraper on the product discharge area to clean the grid and space the products.
- rotating shaft supports with a corrosion-proof thermoplastic resin structure and sealed self-aligning bearings 
- steam supply fittings
- condensate recirculation fittings


This machine is present in the following layout: