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Automatic continuous extruder for small-size pasta; production capacity up to 500 kg/h.

Continuous cycle machine for the production of fresh pasta of different sizes, e.g. maccheroni, fusilli, tagliatelle, spaghetti, etc., with or without eggs and suitable for being dried. The machine can also produce dough-sheet of any thickness for lasagne, cannelloni and to feed the forming machines. Thanks to the machine flexibility, pasta made of flour or durum wheat flour and special pasta types can be manufactured.

It is composed as follows:
- Vacuum kneading process guaranteed by a vacuum system with a compensation storage system, a 3-way valve, a retain valve and an anti-cavitation valve.
- Painted steel frame with raised platform
- Stainless steel cyclone feeding the durum wheat flour to the dosing unit
- Durum wheat flour dosing system
- Volumetric water dosing unit in synch with the durum wheat flour dosing unit
- Centrifuge pre-mixing tank for perfect flour imbibition in water
- Kneading tank with stainless steel parts in contact with the product, special finish shaft and blades, side scrapers, plexiglass see-through covers with safety micro-switches; vacuum water nozzles; drive gearbox; shaft/blade coupling with blind taper hole to minimise the areas exposed to bacterial contamination
- “Cylinder – compression” screw unit; diameter from 142 mm
- Compression screw drive unit composed of a motor, a properly sized gearbox with thrust bearing in oil bath, safety coupling between the compression screw and the gearbox.


This machine is present in the following layout: