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A pasta-machine for all needs


DOMINIONI's focus on the market and its needs, has led the company to diversify its range of products. Currently DOMINIONI produces more than one hundred models, of any capacity and for any pasta type: machines for dry or fresh pasta, egg pasta, etc. And also machines for noodles and short-cut pasta, pasta with filling, dough kneading machines, dough dividers, machines to produce gnocchi, orecchiette, trofie and many more. The machine range covers any pasta size and meets all customers' needs.

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Machines: Snacks

Snacks - D250-D540-TECNO


The first forming machine for products with fillings; features interchangeable dies, with no need for portion-making bars!
Sheet width: 250mm/540mm

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Snacks - CD200


Machine to co-extrude pasta with filling
Hourly output: 150/200 kg
Sheet width: 100 mm

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Snacks - RV160 TECNO


Automatic ravioli maker. Ravioli are made on a flat surface using one roller
Hourly output 200 kg   Sheet width: 160 mm

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