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Cappelletti machines

D250N-D540 Emiliani

Forming machine for the production of regional monosheet products. Dough-sheet width: 250/540mm

Forming machine for the production of special single-layer sizes, which are typical of Emilia tradition. It is recommended for the production of pasta with meat filling; it can also process lean meat, ricotta, cheese, pumpkin  fillings, etc. Suitable for the industrial use because it is easy to wash and disassemble.  Automated and continuous filling feeding. The sheet speed can be adjusted according to the size. The functions are controlled by some life-lube independent speed-change drive units, which do not require any scheduled maintenance.

Technical Data D250N
Height: 1550 mm
Width: 1150 mm
Depth: 1100 mm
Weight: 600 Kg
Installed power: 6 Kw
Hourly output: 90/150 kg
Sheet width: 250 mm

Technical Data D540
Height: 1530 mm
Width: 1640 mm
Depth: 1500 mm
Weight: 1650 Kg
Installed power: 10 Kw
Hourly output: 220/350 Kg
Sheet width: 540 mm

D250N-D540 Emiliani

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