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The machine manufactures “garganelli” or “maccheroni al pettine”  with a patented system.
Sheet width: 65 mm. Hourly output: up to 80/100 kg/h

It is the only machine that can produce “garganelli” or “maccheroni al pettine” by means of a trimless patented system that processes a 65 mm-wide sheet coming from an extruder. The height-adjustable calibrating unit gives the product the requested thickness. A general speed change unit adjusts the machine speed according to the speed of the extruder or the pasteuriser output. Thanks to the equipment flexibility, any type of durum wheat flour, flour or mixes can be used.  The machine is made of aluminium alloys, stainless steel, delrin and special food-grade materials.

Technical Data
Height: 1500 mm
Width: 750 mm
Depth: 750 mm
Power: 1.2 Kw
Sheet width: 65 mm
Hourly output: Up to 80/100 kg/h