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Machine to co-extrude pasta with filling.
Hourly output: 150/200 kg.
Sheet width: 100 mm.

Machine for the co-extrusion of pasta with filling, to produce ravioli and other sizes of pasta with filling; interchangeable dies for soft and very soft fillings; filling quantity adjustment features. The frame is made of stainless steel and is mounted on swivelling wheels. The parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel or any other suitable food-grade non toxic material.

It is composed as follows:
- 2 lobe pumps to feed the mix and filling; gears in oil bath in stainless steel boxes
- 2 cone-shaped hoppers with augers to feed the mix and filling; made of stainless steel easy to open for cleaning. The hoppers are located above the lobe pumps
- 3 gear motors A 0.75 kW die gearmotor; 2 1.5 kW gearmotors for the lobe pumps of pasta and filling
- 2 stainless steel tubes to convey pasta and the filling to the co-extrusion die
- 1 raviolo die, composed of a teflon-coated forming roller and an adjustable pulverisation unit
- 1 co-extrusion die for pasta and filling, made of BRAL and located upstream of the raviolo die
- 1 conveyor for die installation and product discharge
- Electrical cabinet with 4 potentiometers to control the machine functions and the relevant safety devices, in compliance with the EC standards in force Three-phase V380 Hz 50 power supply. Special voltage ratings available upon request.

Technical Data
Hourly output: 150/200 kg
Sheet width: 100 mm
Dimensions: 1412x906x1606h  mm
Installed power: 3.75 Kw
Max. hopper Ø 430 mm