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Ravioli machines


Machine for the production of double-layer ravioli, of different shapes and weight; equipped with interchangeable dies.
Hourly output: 80 kg Sheet width:  160 mm

Machine for the production of ravioli of different sizes, spaced or forming a continuous web, with meat or lean meat filling; interchangeable dies.

It is composed as follows:
- two pairs of adjustable calibrating rollers for sheet thickness adjustment
- adjustable filling feeding system, recommended for soft fillings, e.g. ricotta and spinach, etc.; interchangeable dies
- automatic stop device, when no filling is present
- finished product discharge conveyor
- anodised cast aluminium frame; the parts in contact with the filling and dough-sheet are made of stainless steel or food-grade material
- machine equipped with safety devices, in compliance with the safety standards in force
Three-phase V220-380 Hz 50 power supply. Special voltage ratings available upon request.

It is composed as follows:
- 4 forming and cutting rollers, with a special chemical nickel non-toxic coating
- scraper knives
- product extraction system
- chemical nickel coated gears
- dosing system for accurate feeding of the filling into the product

 Technical Data
 Height: 1770 mm
 Width: 490 mm
 Depth: 1000 mm
 Weight: 168 kg
 Installed power: 0.75 Kw
 Hourly output: 80 kg
 Filling pan capacity: 3.5 Kg


This machine is present in the following layout:

  • Ravioli doppia sfoglia blu

    Ravioli doppia sfoglia blu

    Download the attachment: click here (1011.1 Kb)

  • Spinach Ravioli

    Spinach Ravioli

  • Squid Ravioli

    Squid Ravioli

  • Panzerotti